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We believe each child is a unique individual. Children learn best when given opportunities to learn in their own way. Our goal is to support each child as they foster their growth, and develop into responsible, independent, and caring children. We will strive to make all children more aware of the world around them through activities and experiences aimed at social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Our Programs

This “play to learn” style early childhood curriculum instills a deep love for learning through active and engaging lesson plans. We work with an emergent curriculum. This is a planning process that takes place among the children and the teachers. The teachers learn about children’s needs and interests. Because child development is so individual, children are ground into any of these groups:

Infant (0-6 months)
Toddlers (1-2 years old) (2-3 years old)
Pre-K (3-4 years old) (4-5 years old)

Approaches to Learning

The ability to solve problems, explore the world around them, become more independent.

Cognitive Development

The ability to think critically and creatively and understand their world.

Physical Development

The ability to coordinate and control large and small muscle movements, increasing awareness of health and safety concepts.

Language Development

The ability to communicate effectively using sounds, expressions, body language, and finally, oral, and written language; ability to understand and respond to the communication of others.

Social-Emotional Development

The ability to interact with others and their increasing awareness of themselves and their emotions, understanding of their relationships with others, such as family, friends, and community members.

PPCA Health Safety

Wellness Checks

Regular wellness checks are conducted throughout the day. To help stop the spread of illness, ill children will be isolated, and parents notified immediately.


Outdoor equipment is regularly inspected for safety. Toys are disinfected and checked daily.

Health & Safety Practices

Regular hand washing reduces the spread of germs. Children are regularly monitored for symptoms of illness. Classrooms are cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Taking Temperatures

Everyone will be screened (staff, children, parents, visitors, etc.) upon arrival for temperature and apparent symptoms.

Limited Classroom Access

To limit the spread of germs and to follow CDC guidelines for our controlled group sizes, we are having parents and family members remain in common areas of the center only.


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